Where to buy twin baby products in Singapore

Before I gave birth, my husband and I prepared the basics at home. During the first few months with our twins, we quickly discovered that we needed all sorts of baby and nursing related items. Between juggling two babies and recovering from childbirth, I couldn’t go out often, so I spent a lot of time Googling what / where to buy what I needed. I often had to purchase from 5-6 different places, while in the US, I was used to buying everything in one store.

Here are some of my most frequently visited stores and websites for buying baby items in Singapore.

Online stores

Lazada – Online marketplace which I use to purchase Japanese GOO.N diapers. Use the app and purchase on Fridays, when you can use a code to get 10-12% off your order.

Pupsik – Pupsik is great during your first few months with twins. They carry a wide selection of items, most of which you can’t find at the brick and mortar stores here. I’ve bought discounted Mustela and California Baby goods, breast pump parts, Bravado nursing bras, my Beaba Babycook, and Parklon play mats for the twins.

Kulily – Similar to Pupsik but with some different inventory. We bought our Baby Jogger City Select stroller from Kulily.

Amazon – Free shipping on select items over $125 USD. Most baby items in Singapore are extremely overpriced, so I have purchased about half of the twins’ stuff from Amazon. My orders usually arrive within 1-2 weeks. I’ve bought board books, toys, Avent bottles, Lanisoh items (disposable breast pads, lanolin cream, breastmilk storage bags), baby feeding items (bibs, cutlery, bowls, food storage containers, sippy cups), sleep sacks, swaddle blankets…and the list goes on and on!

Redmart – Great for groceries and also for diapers, wipes, formula–all the heavy stuff you don’t want to lug around when you’re at the grocery store.

Carousell – Easy-to-use app for buying and selling new / preloved items. There’s a huge market for baby items on Carousell. I’ve purchased preloved clothes for my twins, new Avent baby bottles (at a very reasonable price–similar to what I paid on Amazon without the minimum purchase requirement), new breast pump accessories (those pesky little Medela membranes). I’ve been able to sell most of my twins’ old clothes as well.

Brick & mortar shops

FairPrice Finest – For most items, FairPrice is sufficient for diapers, formula, wipes, etc. But FairPrice Finest usually has a larger selection, especially for Pigeon items (they make great teething toys, straw cups, toothbrushes, and we use their disposable wipes for eating out). They also carry a decent selection of baby snacks for those 6 months old and above.

Guardian – Great for first aid items, especially sterile nasal solution for flushing out snotty noses, syringes for giving medicine, hand sanitizer to keep at the diaper changing table, and other health related sundries. Unity is a useful pharmacy chain as well.

1010 Mother & Child Essentials – Located at City Square Mall, Seletar Mall, and Waterway Point. Great little store that carries a wide selection of baby bathing and skin essentials, feeding accessories (e.g., bottle nipples and cutlery), baby snacks, toys, etc.

Clearly, online stores are a great help to frazzled moms in Singapore! Do you have any others to recommend?

The first month: caring for your twins

My husband and I took antenatal classes through Thomson Medical Centre. As first time parents, it was comforting to be around other anxious, soon-to-be parents and learn the basics of newborn care. Once our twins arrived, though, our classroom knowledge was forgotten and we mainly relied on our confinement nanny for guidance.

During the first month, our primary duties consisted of feeding, burping, changing diapers, bathing, and soothing. As a breastfeeding mother recovering from a C section, I also had to prioritise milk production and healing.

Establish a routine

Many twin resources recommend synchronising your twins’ schedules as soon as possible. For us, this was only feasible around 4 months, when we sleep trained our babies. The first few months were a blur, as we were learning the basics of infant care and ensuring that our twins were growing properly.

From the beginning, our boy-girl twins had very different needs and habits. We maintained a baby log to track naps, wet / poopy diapers, feeding times, and feeding volumes. You will likely have 2-3 people caring for your babies, so I strongly recommend having all caretakers log these events in order to ensure that your babies are pooping, peeing, and eating regularly. Bring these logs to your pediatrician appointments so you can give your doctor an accurate account of your twins’ activities.

We also bathed our twins daily, as the Singapore climate is unforgiving. We bought a basic plastic bath tub from our neighbourhood provision shop, and our nanny taught us how to safely bathe our babies. Your hospital will likely give you lots of baby wash samples, so try out different brands, as your children may have sensitive skin. iHerb is great for baby friendly products; 1010 Mother & Child, located in several shopping malls, carries a wide variety of baby care products as well.

Understand your babies’ needs

Most of our time during the first few months was spent on deciphering our twins’ needs by understanding their various cries. Our nanny was very experienced in infant care and showed us whether our babies were hungry, gassy, or simply wanted to be soothed. I can’t emphasise enough how important it is to have an experienced nanny or family member during the first month with twins. YouTube and Google are great resources, too, but with twins, hands on learning is ideal.

During the first 4 to 5 months, your babies’ digestive systems are still developing and are extremely sensitive. They will likely have some gas, so baby massage videos are very useful. We used ruyi oil (available at Guardian and FairPrice), a local remedy, during baby massage. Its main ingredient is peppermint oil, which can provide some digestive comfort.

It took us about 4 to 6 weeks to understand our babies’ cries and cues. The first month with twins will be extremely hectic, but to summarise, it is most essential to:

  • Recover from childbirth. If you had a C section, take extra precautions when moving around.
  • Maximise milk production if you are breastfeeding. If you are formula feeding, choose the best formula for your babies. Some babies are sensitive to lactose, so ask you paediatrician for recommendations if you notice any intolerance.
  • Learn how to comfort your babies and understand their various cries. With twins, you have to learn each baby’s cues; they will be different for each baby!