August, a month I’d like to forget

August has been one of our most challenging months so far. At 27 months, our twins dealt with:

2 year sleep regression

I was completely unprepared for this, as I thought that sleep regressions had faded away long ago. My daughter started crying for me 1-2 times a night, and I soon learned that the 2 year sleep regression is no joke. This lasted for nearly three weeks, and then we transitioned to…

Toddler beds

After much debate, I decided to transition our twins into toddler beds rather than adult sized beds. I thought that the next few years of potty training, vomiting, etc. would leave stained mattresses, so I opted for smaller beds that we could upgrade later.

The first few days were surprisingly peaceful, but the last few weeks have been awful. Both kids have refused to sleep during their usual 1pm nap time. They’ve been running around, pulling drawers, and fighting. We have had to barge into their room to remind them to sleep several times, but it has been tiring! Usually they end up skipping their nap entirely or falling asleep 2:30-3:15pm. *sigh*

Oh, and the worst part is that my daughter’s sleep regression reappeared for another week!

The return of HFMD

Finally, HFMD greeted us during the last week of the month. My twins had HFMD last February, and this time, we were more savvy in terms of how to contain it. My daughter had sores all over–her mouth, hands, feet (but relatively mild compared to usual cases), while my son only had one sore on his tongue.

We quarantined ourselves at home for 3 days and only went out to the park for some fresh air on day 4. Surprisingly, my twins enjoyed being home for so long. They love to color and paint, and they entertain themselves books and appliance catalogues (my son is currently obsessed with washing machines, vacuums, and air conditioners while my daughter is fixated on rabbits and Hello Kitty). But yes, YouTube also kept us sane during this period.

Yesterday my twins returned to school (after being cleared by their pediatrician the day before), and my mornings have been tranquil and productive again!