Age 3, the best year with twins so far

Wow, 2018 has flown by. Just like that, my twins are 3 1/2. I haven’t posted in a LONG time due to some funky website issues, work, and a bit of laziness, but to summarize:

  • We survived our second long haul flight to the US! We stopped in Seoul for 4 nights, then went to LA to spend time with family (and shop at Target, Nordstrom Rack, and Trader Joe’s…and eat Mexican food and In N Out). Our MVP Award goes to the Maclaren Twin Triumph for saving us through long treks through airports, 2 Disneyland malls, and countless shopping trips.
  • My twins surprised me by performing almost flawlessly at their end of the year school concert. They memorized some serious dance moves without a sweat! For such shy kids, they amazed me by showing no stage fright in a theater full of parents.
  • The pace at which my twins are learning still astounds me. They remember the smallest details (my son still talks about flying Singapore Air to Korea, then LA; he knows we’re going to fly Scoot Air to Thailand in a few weeks) and I can’t ever promise things that I won’t follow through with. My daughter knows how to write her name! The kids can speak to each other in Mandarin!

Latest obsessions:

  • My daughter loves Frozen and must watch at least 10 minutes of the movie every day. She’s obsessed with Anna and refuses to go to school unless I have done “Anna hair.” Overall, she loves all things girly–dresses, the color pink, ponies, bunnies.
  • My son is still slightly obsessed with Star Wars but is more into cars, trains, and planes now. Favorite Netflix shows: Lego City, Simon. Paw Patrol and Super Wings were favorites earlier this year.

I’ll make sure to jot down some more highlights when I can put some more coherent thoughts together!