Tips for surviving a solo trip with twin toddlers

A few weeks ago, I uncharacteristically booked a last minute trip to Taiwan with my now 4 year old (!!) twins, sans husband. I was towards the tail end of my 3 week break, in between jobs, and thought, what the heck–it should be fine! Luckily it was a great trip with just one major tantrum. In case anyone out there has thoughts of traveling alone with their kids, here are some handy tips:

  1. On the plane, have your kids sit next to each other, rather than on either side of you. My kids entertained each other with Netflix shows, coloring, and Play Doh during most of the 4.5 hour flight and I only had to intervene every 20-30 minutes.
  2. Bring Play Doh! I brought 4 small tubs and it was a good way to break up cartoon time.
  3. Obvious one–bring tons of snacks! I normally restrain my kids when it comes to sweets, but I let them each buy a candy bar from Changi Airport to keep them as happy as possible. Fortunately they didn’t have a major sugar rush on the plane.
  4. Stay in a kid friendly hotel. We stayed at Dandy Hotel in Da’an Park, which was right next to the MRT and 7 Eleven and across the street from a nice children’s playground. The lobby had a kids’ play area and on Sundays, they have a balloon artist who made amazing Hello Kitty and Spiderman balloon animas!
  5. Stay out late–you’re on vacation! My twins don’t nap anymore, but on the night we planned a late dinner, I made sure that we napped 3:30-4:30pm. Totally worth it!