Going out with twins in Singapore, from birth to year 1

Despite the mountainous struggles you’ll face the first 3-4 months, this period is the best time to go out with twins out and even travel on long haul flights. Most young infants will sleep through loud noise and movement.

Our stroller setup (Chicco Keyfit 30 car seats + Baby Jogger City Select stroller) made it easy to tandem bottle feed our twins when they were hungry.

Local outings

We frequented shopping malls with wide spaces such as:

  • City Square Mall (arrive before 11am on weekends, as it usually gets crowded mid-day)
  • Square 2 / Velocity (also best to arrive before peak hours)
  • Ngee Ann City
  • Paragon
  • Zhongshan Mall (which has an amazing FairPrice Finest!)
  • Suntec City (enormous space but the lifts are spread out, so you’ll get lots of exercise)

We ate at these baby friendly restaurants quite often:

  • Paradise Inn
  • Jamie’s Italian
  • Food for Thought
  • Omakase Burger
  • Kith Café (the Robertson Quay branch opens at 7am)

Indoor playgrounds are extremely popular in Singapore, and most offer free admission before age 1. We started taking our twins to play parks around 8 months. Our favorites:

  • Pororo Park at Marina Square (admission is quite expensive for kids age >1)
  • Cool De Sac at Suntec City
  • Fidgets World at The Grandstand (weekends and public holidays are often crowded, so the toddler play area can become too rough for small children)

Our overseas adventure

In our last 16 months with twins, we have only travelled to Krabi. I was a bit cautious because of my kids’ naive immune systems, but in retrospect, travelling is probably easier when twins spend most of their day sleeping.

My husband and I brought our helper along, and we flew Air Asia. We followed all the baby travel blog tips–bottle feed or give pacifiers at take off, coincide flight time with nap time, entertain with lots of toys, but our two hour flight was absolute hell. Both babies refused to sleep and mostly fussed and cried the entire flight.

We booked an Airbnb and requested two baby cots, which our host was able to provide. We also brought our twins’ bed sheets and sleep sacks to provide some comforts from home. The first few naps were disastrous, as our twins weren’t used to sleeping elsewhere, but by the end of the first day, they were able to adjust. Our schedule was dictated by our twins’ nap schedule (they were taking 3 naps a day then), so we mainly took short walks by the beach and played at the condo pool during the day.

At 7 months, our little sheep were eating 1-2 meals a day in addition to breastmilk. I brought some pouched purees and baby cereal as well as baby utensils, spare bottles, and sterilising tablets.  I filled the refrigerator drawer with water and added a sterilising tablet so to clean bottles, pump parts (I was still exclusively pumping then), and baby utensils. During meal time, we strapped our twins into their Maclaren Twin Triumph stroller and fed them.

Travelling with twins was a tiring but necessary learning experience. Our next challenge will be flying home to the US at the end of the year when our twins will be 19 months old.