Preparing for your twins in Singapore

This post was updated on 11 July 2017 with Amazon affiliate links.

In my debut post of this blog, I will summarise how to prepare the basic essentials for twins in Singapore. The subsequent posts will share how to manage your first year with twins.

Most twins are born premature, with 37 weeks considered full term. Therefore it is essential to have your baby gear and support system ready by 30-32 weeks. The earlier, the better.


At least three months before your due date, hire a live-in helper with infant care experience. During your third trimester, it will be very difficult to get any housework done. You will need about a week to train your helper, one to two weeks to assess her skills, and some time to find a replacement if needed.

Book a confinement nanny four to five months before your due date. Ask for a nanny who is experienced in caring for twins. I hired mine through an agency (Supernanny Services, one of two official agencies in Singapore), and she was fantastic. She was an excellent cook, cared for my little ones with lots of love, fed them at night, and was easy to get along with. I kept her for two months, and we still stay in touch.

Changing essentials

You will probably change thousands of diapers during your first year. Make sure that your changing station is well equipped with quality items.

Ubbi diaper pail. Expensive but great at keeping the smell out, and you can use any trash bags (we used liners from Daiso).

IKEA Stuva changing table. There is a limited variety of changing tables available in Singapore; most locals change their babies on the bed or floor. With twins, however, a functional table is essential. The IKEA Stuva coverts into a desk .

Serta changing pad and Summer Infant changing pad covers. I shopped all over Singapore for a changing pad and couldn’t find a thick, sturdy one. The Stuva changing table can fit 2 Serta pads, but don’t be naive like me and think that you’ll be changing both babies at once! Use disposable underpads for easy cleaning. Your babies are going to poop and pee like mad the first two months.

We tested several diaper brands and liked GOO.N (buy them in bulk on Lazada on Fridays for an extra discount) for daytime and Merries (often on sale at Giant or NTUC FairPrice) at night.

Tip: Don’t stock up on newborn sized diapers. Your twins will grow out of them very quickly.


If you want to breastfeed your twins, jia you! But at some point, you’ll need a break and someone will be bottle feeding your babies.

Bottle sterilizer. You can use chemical, microwave, or electric sterilizers. Electric sterilizers are the easiest and fastest. We descaled our Tommee Tippee sterilizer every 2 weeks and used it until our twins were 6 months old. After 6 months, we stopped sterilizing bottles since our twins were eating semi solids (thus using plastic spoons and bowls which were washed with our other dishes).

Bottles. Choose a brand with few parts, if possible. Anti-colic bottles like Dr. Brown’s are notorious for having many parts that are difficult to clean. Keep in mind that most places in Singapore don’t have dishwashers. Buy 2-3 bottles from a few different brands in case your babies are picky. Once you have chosen a brand, 8-12 bottles should be sufficient. I used the Philips Avent Natural bottles for my twins because they only had four parts and were easy to clean.

Tip: Baby bottles are extremely expensive in Singapore, so buy yours from Amazon.


Swaddle blankets. Eight blankets will last you for the first 4-5 months or until your babies start flipping around. These aden + anais muslin swaddle blankets are great for the Singapore heat.

Onesies / rompers. Babies will grow out of newborn and 0-3 month sizes very quickly. Buy preloved clothing when you can. We went through 1-3 onesies per baby per day.

Burp cloths and bibs. An absolute must! We also went through 1-3 of these per baby per day as well.

Tip: Baby clothes are also very pricey in Singapore. Carousell is great for preloved items, or try to have friends send baby wear from the US.

Going out

Stroller. There aren’t many twin stroller options available in Singapore. The Baby Jogger City Select is expensive and heavy but very reliable. You can purchase frames to pop your infant car seats in and out of the car / stroller without disturbing your sleeping baby. Once your twins can sit up comfortably, you can use the regular Baby Jogger seat. I have taken this stroller around Singapore and it doesn’t leave a huge footprint, but it requires lots of strength to lift! For a  more lightweight / travel friendly stroller,  the Maclaren Twin Triumph is handy. We bought an older model at a good price at last year’s Takashimaya Baby Fair.

Car seats. We used the Chicco Keyfit 30 infant seat because it was convertible with the Baby Jogger City Select. It is very easy to use but is a bit heavy. After our twins outgrew this seat, we transitioned them to the Diono Radian RXT, which can be converted into a booster seat. Both seats are not available in Singapore; we purchased them on eBay.

* All products listed here were purchased personally.

14 thoughts on “Preparing for your twins in Singapore”

  1. Hi, came across your post whilst researching for the Diono radian RXT. How do you like it? My friends in the US really recommend it, but like you said, it’s not available in Singapore and I’m not sure if it’s worth the hefty international shipping fees to get it shipped. Did you use a mail forwarded like vpost? Or was it shipped directly from ebay? I’m drawn by the car seat’s slim profile.

    1. Hi Gloria! I really like the seat so far. We bought it on eBay. Shipping was about $40-50. There aren’t many convertible car seats available in Singapore, and I wanted one that would last awhile.

      Pros: Very comfy (my son loved it right away and looks so happy sitting in his seat), sides are low so it’s easy to load your toddler in and out (we were considering the Chicco Nextfit but read that that the sides are high), seat has a low profile as you mentioned

      Con: The seat is very heavy so it might be difficult to carry around if you want travel with it, etc (but it can become a backpack)

      Let me know if you have any other questions!

      1. Thanks for your reply! I’m planning to get my 3.5 year old to vacate her Maxi Cosi Priori XP as my 1 year old outgrows his infant car seat so the Rainer is really for my elder girl. How do two seats fit in your car? Is there space to sit in between? My car doesn’t have the latch / ISOFIX system. Really appreciate your feedback!

        1. My daughter is still in her Chicco Keyfit 30 seat but we just ordered a Diono for her, too. With the Chicco and Diono, there’s hardly any room in between (we have a small sedan), but with two Dionos, there should be plenty of room. You can use the car seat belts to fasten the seats, so LATCH / ISOFIX isn’t a must.

          By the way, another con I forgot to add is that the Diono takes up quite a bit of space front to back so if you have a small car, you may need a Diono angle adjuster, which you can buy on Amazon. It’s supposed to give you 4 inches of legroom. Just to give you an idea, my husband is 6 feet tall and he can’t fit in the driver’s seat with the Diono behind him. Hopefully the angle adjuster will help!

          1. Thanks, I think I’ll give it a shot too. Sorry, one last question – which fabric / colour did you pick? I read that “storm” is more microfiber / velour like and I wonder if it’d get too warm for the baby? Or if “Shadow” (described as “E-Z clean micro-denier nylon fabric with velour trim”) too much like a windbreaker material.

          2. We got storm for the first seat. It doesn’t seem too warm so far but we keep the air con on while we are in the car. We ordered shadow for the second seat…will see how it is!

    1. Hi Gloria–wanted to update you. I received the new seat yesterday. Shadow is black with some thin white checkering. It looks a bit more masculine. 🙂 The fabric is more canvas-y (therefore easier to clean) than Storm. Storm is more microfiber-y and a solid gray color. I’ll probably write a full review on the Chicco and Diono car seats at some point but hope this helps!

      1. Thanks for the update, I actually liked the microfiber-y idea (feels luxe!) but I think Shadow is probably a better choice in disguising food and other unsightly stains haha How are they fitting in your car? Do you have them both side by side (taking up the middle seat) or on the left and right?

        1. We have a small sedan and they fit fine with the angle adjuster. We have them on the left and right rear seats. Our car doesn’t have ISOFIX in the middle seat.

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